Clothes & Identity

One of the primary ways we present ourselves to the world is through our clothing. Our wardrobes let us choose the self we want to display at any given moment: one person at work, another with our friends, perhaps someone else entirely on a date. Our clothes are costumes, allowing us to play multiple roles.

But while our choice of roles may be both particular and infinite, our choice of the clothes that fulfill those roles is not. Manufactured clothing is fundamentally a commodity, and our choices are narrowed by an industrial supply chain that relies on volume and turnover. Standardized sizes and fast fashion trends take control of our presentation out of our hands.

That is why I created Bespoke. I want people to discover the pleasure of creating their own style and collaborating with the artisans who deliver it. 40 years of Broadway costuming, Seventh Avenue couture, and commercial pattern making experience have given me the skills to make ideas wearable.

Clothing needn’t come only from factories and stores, with their inherent limitations on your imagination. Clothing can be made in a style you have imagined, with fabric you have chosen, in a size that fits your body, by someone you know.

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