Craft Alliance Partnership

Bespoke and Craft Alliance have a lot in common: an artist’s eye for beauty, a tradesman’s pride in craft, and a profound belief in the value of making things.

Now we have even more in common, as the two organizations are collaborating on a fundraiser for Craft Alliance.

It starts at their Maker’s Ball April 21st 2017. We’ll have a $100 gift certificate in their silent auction, and Dorothy will be doing a live demonstration, draping a gown in real time.

But it gets even better. Maker’s Ball attendees and Craft Alliance members who place an order with us from April 21st through the end of May will see 10% of their purchase provided back to Craft Alliance to help fund their excellent work.

The Maker’s Ball is an outstanding event. If you haven’t considered going, knowing that there’s more than one way to support Craft Alliance may tip you over. And if you’re not a member of Craft Alliance, now is the best possible time to join, with an extra way to show your support.

Craft Alliance is one of the organizations that makes St. Louis special, and we couldn’t be prouder that we’re able to partner with them.

If you’re coming to Maker’s Ball, please stop by and say hello. We’d love to see you.

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