Aboriginal Fabric Designs

We just recently found an Australian manufacturer who specializes in Aboriginal designs. One of the best things about Aboriginal art is that each design tells a particular story, told by a specific artist.

We showed these designs to noted Australian art expert Mary Reid Brunstrom (founder/director of Austral Gallery-Australian Contemporary Art in St. Louis from 1988-2000), who had this to say:

These contemporary designs by Australian Aboriginal artists are expression of a vital culture. They draw upon traditional stories or “dreamings,” teeming with plant and animal life and topographical and celestial phenomena, to express a rich reciprocity between their ancestral narratives and the natural environment. Since the 1970s, Aboriginal artists have successfully used designs such as these across a range of art forms such as painting, sculpture, and printmaking, in a worldwide effort to build awareness of their cultural patrimony.

A simple garment becomes spectacular made with these intricate patterns. Click on the thumbnails below to read the stories for each of our new fabrics.




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