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This is the time of year when I finally give up on summer and start switching over to the warm and cozy side of my closet. For now, I’ve just started adding jackets over the short sleeve tops and tights under the skirts, but the summer skirts are not quite doing the trick. Mostly that’s because my favorite summer colors are prints in tropical hues that don’t play well with others.

I’m starting the wardrobe renovation with a basic skirt that is my absolute favorite, the Shelley.

It’s made with stretch suiting fabrics, since it needs a very slim fit, which is a lot more comfortable with a little stretch. The magical thing about this skirt is the waistband. It’s elastic, but you can’t tell.

The waistline is completely smooth, with none of the weird gathers you usually see on elastic waists, so you can tuck shirts in, and still have a nice finished look. There are 6 shaping darts, so it’s not just a tube that spends the entire day trying to crawl up around your waist. There is actually room for curvy hips!

I’ve been collecting fabrics for this skirt all year, and have some beautiful classic colors and textures. With few exceptions they are fine in the washer and dryer. I also have an amazing black double knit. It is thick enough to smooth out lumps and bumps, and does not seem to mind being stuffed in a suitcase.

We can cut this skirt with a high, wide waistband, or set it just below the natural waist. Right now, I like it below the knee and very narrow, like a vintage pencil skirt, but its basic shape is slim, tailored, and above the knee.

The base price for a custom-fit Shelley is $105, but mention this blog post for a $15 discount though the end of November. You can add pockets, luxe out the fabric (we can do it in stretch lace and sequins!), add a lining, or make it a maxi skirt for a little more. If you are in the mood to design something unique, this shape is a great starting point.

Come by and try one on. It’s a great way to ease into your winter wardrobe.

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