We’re Making Masks

Please visit our new web store! Thank you.

11 thoughts on “We’re Making Masks”

  1. Bridget Preston says:

    Hello, how do I go about ordering some mask from you. We are local and can pick them up. Thanks

    1. Mark Nevelow says:

      Please visit our web store at https://bespokesaintlouis.square.site and select Pickup at checkout.

  2. Hi there, We want two ( One large and one Medium ) plus we want to pay the $25 each for them

  3. Mary Tonkin says:

    Hi, would like to order 2 medium and 1 large and want to provide 2 to others.

  4. Mary Morris says:

    Bob and I would like a couple of the masks with the MERV 16 fabric, one medium and one large. And we’ll do the “pay $25.00 to get one and donate one” thing. Yes, Mary can make masks, bu they don’t have the groovy filter material. And, of course, we’ll cover the shipping.

  5. Vivian Duvall says:

    Please send me one and donate one for $25.
    I am a friend of Jessica Rogen’s mom.
    Vivian Duvall

  6. yousef ahmed says:

    hello, I would like to order 4 masks. All medium.

  7. Jacqueline Henmi says:

    I would appreciate 2 masks, 1 of which will be donated. I am happy to wait until the filter materials arrive from KC. Size Medium.

  8. Jessica Rogen says:

    Hey! Can I get one large mask and one medium mask. I am local (and a pal of Katey’s) so I can pickup (directly from her if that’s best). Thanks!

  9. Rudy Zapf says:

    Hello dear friend.
    So glad to talk with you today.
    I would like to order two masks, 1 medium, 1 large.
    Plus, the extra two for donation, so total of $50, plus tax.
    Let me know how/where to make payment.

  10. DAWN LESTER says:

    Hello! I would love to order two masks and donate two, so total $50? Medium size. Thank you so much!

    Dawn Lester

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