Microwave Filter Cleaning Instructions

The recommended method for cleaning your filter material is to bake it with moist heat at 150°. If you don’t have an oven that can reliably sustain a temperature that low, it may be possible to decontaminate the filter in your microwave.

There are no official guidelines, but some studies indicate that placing the filter material in your microwave alongside (not in!) a bowl of water for 45 seconds may have the same sanitizing effect as baking it.

Obviously, we’re neither medical professionals nor experts on engineered materials. The information on this method is dense, and we’ve done our best to distill it for you, but you should always go to the source when possible.

5 thoughts on “Microwave Filter Cleaning Instructions”

  1. Teresa C. says:

    Thanks so much for making these great Masks AND filters AND microwave cleaning Instructions available. We truly appreciate it! Our son passed your info along to us. We will be doing the same to spread the word. Keep up the great work and please stay healthy!

    1. Mark Nevelow says:

      Thank you so much. It means the world to get feedback like this.

  2. Donna D. says:

    Thank you for making such nice mask and finding information for the care of the product. I have given your information to several of my senior friends that are looking for well fitting mask. I will most likely buy several more for myself since I think we seniors will be ask to wear mask for a longer period of time than the general public.

  3. Sharon Miller says:

    Thank you for sorting through all the information swirling out there and keeping us posted in easily digested form. And thank you for realizing that there are people who are so befuddled they actually might try to bake the masks. The updates from the manufacturer must be extraordinarily stressful for you so please be aware that there are people who appreciate your efforts.

    1. Mark Nevelow says:

      That is the nicest thing anyone has said to us in ages. I’d say, “you have no idea how stressful,” but you obviously do. Thank you so much.

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