The City Is Relaxing, But We’re Not

Tomorrow, Monday the 16th of May, St. Louis City is permitting businesses to reopen. Detailed operational safety guidelines have been provided for different types of businesses.

After careful review of those guidelines, we’ve decided not to reopen. While it would be technically possible for us to reopen and adhere to the appropriate guidelines, we’re not comfortable doing so.

First, following the necessary safety guidelines would make it very, very hard to execute at our usual level.

Second, both we and many of our customers fall into high-risk categories, making the impact of infection much more dire. We are not, at this point, prepared to expose ourselves or our customers to that level of risk.

Third, the demand for our cloth filter masks is currently keeping us busy full-time. So long as people need masks from us, it seems like that’s what we should be doing. Making clothes is nice, but making masks seems important. Until demand for the masks tapers off, that’s where we’ll be putting our focus.

All of which makes it impossible to predict with any certainty either the conditions or timeline under which we might reopen. When we are able to make that call, we’ll announce it here, on Facebook, and through our newsletter.

Thanks for staying with us.

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