The Bespoke Experience

A Supposedly Fun Thing

You have just spotted the perfect dress at a perfect price. The blue is sold out in your size, but they have it in teal. Maybe not your favorite color, but why not try something new? Your first glance in the mirror is promising, just a few little wrinkles you smooth out with your hands.

Those wrinkles don’t stay smoothed. The shapely waist of the dress sits at the shapely top of your hip, bunching up and refusing to go further. Tug it down and everything looks good, but every move returns it to your middle. It’s a dark color, no one will notice.

Look how nicely it shows your curves in the back. It just seems a little short. No, it seems really short. Exactly where it pulls up above those nice curves. No hem, so you can’t make it longer back there. What you can do is spend all your time pulling the skirt back down into place and feeling annoyed.

The color really does look good on you, but what is going on with the neckline? It’s cut so wide it slides off your shoulders, but when you pull it in it sort of droops in the center. You’ve seen this before. Your petite shoulders and your medium bottom will never live comfortably in the same dress.

It was the perfect dress, on imperfect you. If you were not so short, tall, narrow, wide… wrong. If you were not you, the dress would fit fine.

This is where shopping stops being fun and becomes a dispiriting search for good enough. Every dress in every store has been made to fit a composite size that will never be you, or most anybody else, either.

That is not right.

A Truly Fun Thing

The Bespoke experience is all about creating clothes that are perfect for you. We offer a library of classic designs for you to choose from, with the ability to customize through choices of color, fabric, and finishing details. We are constantly introducing new designs to the line, so every season will bring fresh fashion opportunities.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the process to create a look you love. After a fitting in a basic size, we adjust the pattern to your measurements to assure that the results are flattering to your figure and comfortable to wear. We’ll incorporate your design ideas to make each piece an expression of your own style. Everything is made in our on-premises shop, and you will work directly with the people who create your garment. With no one between you and your tailor, we keep the process affordable and make you part of the creative team.

We really enjoy making clothes at Bespoke, and working with a client to solve fit and design puzzles gives us a geeky kind of thrill. We have also been the women in the dressing room where nothing fits, and we get a lot of joy from making sure that doesn’t happen to anyone else. Together, we are going to have some beautiful fun, and you will love what you see in the mirror.

Dorothy Jones has over 35 years experience as a costumer and fine dressmaker. She was trained on Broadway as a Master Draper and Patternmaker, and has worked in Seventh Avenue couture ateliers, regional theaters, and ready-to- wear manufacturing. In addition to countless Broadway productions, Dorothy has produced costumes and clothing for the Metropolitan Opera, the American Ballet Theater, the Ringling Brothers Circus, Disney On Ice, Christian Lacroix, Santo Loquasto, Theoni Aldredge, and Christian Francis Roth.